Saturn in Gemini

Saturn in Gemini Comprehensive Analysis

Saturn in Gemini Issues

If you were born with Saturn in Gemini, the issues during your Saturn Return may be about siblings, mental illness, restlessness, sleeplessness, indecision and choices, communication, networking, noise pollution, asthma or hearing loss, and city living.

In past lives you have worn your mind out to a frazzle by collecting information, data, facts, statistics, discrete bits of information in other words. Like the wizard’s apprentice in the Disney cartoon, you attempted to empty the sea with a teaspoon. In this lifetime it is positively imperative that you begin to turn information into knowledge. It’s imperative for peace of mind and spiritual development. Saturn in Gemini seeks context, the thing that contains the facts. The thing that makes them into a meaningful pattern, something predictable, something that goes somewhere. 

Even the concept of progress needs developing for you. History, evolution, symbolism, foreign cultures, and languages can act like a salve that keep the data from overloading the processing system. What you are looking for this time is the “truth,” and there really is such a thing underneath all the hype, sound bites, video clips, and snippets of information. Sigmund Freud is a good example of the brilliant theories that can result when this placement is well used. The information is gathered and then synthesized into a working theory.

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An extreme case of overload

On the opposite side of the spectrum, overload can result in mental illness. Bobby Fisher demonstrated from an early age his chess aptitude. He was born into poverty to an unstable Jewish mother (mental illness can go back generations with this placement). After winning several world chess championships, he spent 20 years in isolation. Then emerged as an mentally ill emigre with anti-Semitic, anti-American, and anti-Israel statements. Eventually he sought asylum in Iceland. This is an extreme example of how an afflicted Gemini placement can play out.

Data overload can come from many things, including too much noise and pollution (sound and air) in the city. Easily vexed by crowded conditions and their legion of issues — the clamor, lack of privacy, and prying eyes and minds of those around you — you may become irritable and lose peace of mind. This makes it impossible to set priorities; either you try to crowd too much into one day or make everything of equal importance. In this lifetime, it is imperative to  establish priorities and figure out how to calm the mind. Meditation is an excellent antidote for the hyperactive Saturn in Gemini person, as preached so effectively by native Alan Watts.

An aversion to urbanization?

Those born under this transit who fail to come to terms with the negative aspects of city life can become outright hostile to urbanization. Ted Kaczynski was a mathematical genius who entered Harvard at 16. After earning his PhD, he became an assistant professor at Berkeley. Kaczynski resigned after a couple of years. Then he moved to a remote cabin in Montana where he practiced survival skills. He began living as a recluse. Several years later, after seeing much of the wild land around his homestead destroyed, he began a campaign of mail bombs. Kaczynski  wrote a manifesto which he demanded be published by major newspapers (in exchange for a promise to stop the bombs). He attempted in writing to justify his violent actions. Ted saw these actions as necessary to draw attention to the damage that modern technologies had done to the human condition.

Communication is key for Saturn in Gemini

saturn in gemini

Communication is another thing that will be key in your life. And it’s not unusual for Saturn in Gemini people to become involved in serious misunderstandings. Not uncommon to be involved in scandals that boil down to miscommunication. Robert DeNiro’s flirtation with an anti-vaccination film at his film festival is a good example. Another example is King George’s continued follies with the American colonists. Nothing creates more confusion than poor communication.

Saturn in Gemini may also implicate issues around culture, race, creed, or economic situation. Sometimes people with the placement are born into a situation that makes them different somehow. They are not rebels or revolutionaries seeking to over throw the establishment or break free from their caste. Instead, they just go about their daily routines, subject to scrutiny and curiosity from others, while not returning the favor of being really the least bit interested in anyone else, though they may feel obligated to be.

Famous People with Saturn in Gemini

Political folk heros Andrew Jackson and Harry Truman, known for their lack of refinement in political circles, were born with this placement. Also Arthur Ashe, whose skin color got him plenty of scrutiny from other tennis players for many years. And Billie Jean King, one of the first athletes to be openly gay. Imagine how out of place Jesse Owens must have felt at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. The most successful athlete at the games, Owens discredited Hitler’s race theories with his success as a black man. But he wasn’t invited to meet the President at the White House when he returned to the States. He was an outsider abroad and at home, despite amazing accomplishments. These days, Omarosa endures her share of scrutiny and curiosity as part of the Trump administration.

Aime Cesaire

Saturn in Gemini native Aime Cesaire, born and raised in the Caribbean, was a key player in developing negritude, a literary and philosophical movement developed by French speakers which celebrated a common African heritage and culture among colonized people. After completing his formal education in Paris, Cesaire returned home to St. Martinique to teach school. He worked at the most prestigious lycee on the island where his students included Franz Fanon who went on to write the very influential Wretched of the Earth, an indictment of colonialism that examines race, class, and violence, and the relationship between the three. I’m not sure how many more Saturn in Gemini issues you can pack into one lifetime (though I’m not aware he had any issue with his siblings — I guess you can’t hit them all in one incarnation).

Interestingly, Albert Camus, another writer associated with the French colonial period, was also born during this transit. How appropriate his great works explore alienation, a la The Stranger. Frank Kafka, another Saturn in Gemini native, also wrote about this theme in his famous works The Trial and Metamorphosis, two pieces that depict the displacement and absurdity someone can feel when trying to navigate life in a big city.

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