Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus Comprehensive Analysis

Saturn in Taurus Issues

If you were born with Saturn in Taurus, the issues during your Saturn Return will be about self-worth, self-esteem, the body, bodily instincts, how you earn your money, morality, isolation, and sensuality.

As astrologer Stephen Arroyo says, Saturn shows what we regard as “important”, i.e., so important that we try to control it – so important that we get all nervous and fearful and frequently blow it. If you have Saturn in Taurus, what you consider this important are resources and self-esteem, issues that are intricately braided throughout for you. You spend a lifetime trying to figure out the relationship between the two and what your real worth is.

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Early life patterns

Saturn in Taurus

People with Saturn in Taurus usually begin life searching for self-esteem and well-being in the material world. Or they begin it by competing with others, wishing they were something they were not and never could be. Gradually their attention turns to more essential ingredients for self-esteem, such as an internalized positive self-image based on self love and acceptance.

Money, good physical health, and appearance (good looks, nice clothes, appropriate quality car) all play a part, but beyond that each individual embarks on a journey to determine his or her own basic needs. Some may decide that an intact family is the most important anchor. Others may decide freedom is. Some may anchor their self-esteem in being nonmaterial, while others find they need a stable home. For each it is different, but the Saturn Return should one way or another help you distinguish what you need from what you want and what really nourishes you versus what others think you should have.

From birth to thirty years old (the end of the first Saturn Return) you got misinformation or strike an imbalance regarding self-esteem. In the middle stage, ages 30 to 60, you work through your karma from the first part of life and learn the lessons of self-discipline, accountability, and good habits. Often this is a hard and slow process, but if you’ve been paying attention there are also rewards. The final stage of life will be your opportunity to share what you’ve learned, helping others with how to build self-esteem.

Famous Figures with Saturn in Taurus Natal Placement

Search the databases of celebrity horoscopes for those born with Saturn in Taurus, and you find very likable folks, perhaps because these people have no pretensions. Whenever I see Tyler Perry dressed as Madea in a housecoat, I’m reminded of his example. Even when they gain wealth and status, people under this influence stay grounded in the basics, making them relatable to the rest of us. Melania Trump is a famous homebody who eschews elite social occasions.

Roy Rogers and Lucille Ball are two other Saturn in Taurus natives whose fame and fortune left them unassuming. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s affinity with the common man, as shown through the fireside chats, may also be attributed to Saturn’s grounding influencing in Taurus. The enduring mystique of Pele is as much about how he played the beautiful game as it is about his rise from poverty.

People born during this transit value authenticity and are usually therefore quite humble. Native Martha Stewart puts on no airs. Despite her considerable wealth, she was happy to associate her name with K-Mart, set up a dating profile on, and maintains a strong (and inexplicable to me) friendship with rapper Snopp Dogg the rapper. These people value money for what it can do, not the social status it brings.

A penchant for resourcefulness

Some celebrities born with Saturn in Taurus prove the resourcefulness and practicality of this placement. Jennifer Lopez, Jay Z, and Sean Combs are all well known for leveraging their stardom to build business empires. Douglass Fairbanks was a popular silent film star from Hollywood’s early days. He also had Saturn in Taurus, of course. Fairbanks also was one of the first actors to ensure the money from his fame benefited himself first and foremost. He worked with peers to form United Artists. Creating the studio was meant to empower the artists. This resulted in giving them control over distributorships, as well as total artistic license and all the profits.

Contrast such actions with other performers who squander their fortunes, lose their money to unscrupulous business managers and agents, or dilute their personal wealth through costly divorces. Speaking metaphorically, Saturn in Taurus people dread spending their golden years touring the country’s bars and casinos singing their hits from the 70s because they can’t afford to retire. They act accordingly.

Parental influence dynamic

This keen attention to money is not random. People born with this placement feel that one or both parents undervalued, underinvested, or perhaps even exploited them. It is for this reason they often take a special responsibility for children’s welfare as adults. Andre Agassi was forced to play a tennis match at the age of 9. He was forced to play by his father in order to win some money. The same parent later pressured his teenage son into attending Nick Bollettieri’s famous tennis academy. Nick pressured Agassi to attend in Florida for three months. Three months was all his dad could afford. This led to Agassi leaving school to play tennis full time. It’s not uncommon for these people to be fending for themselves at a young age.

No surprise then that Agassi hated tennis for much of his life. Agassi, winner of eight career Grand Slam titles, was one of the greatest players of his generation. In interviews given after the publication of his autobiography, Agassi explained that as a youngster he played out of fear of his father. Then he played because he wanted to escape the tennis academy. And after that, because he had reached a situation where there was no other way to make a living. It wasn’t until his first Saturn Return in 1997 that he took ownership of his career and chose tennis, after falling to 141 in the world.

Finally, he felt he was getting more from tennis than he gave. “Tennis gave me the school [a college preparatory school Andre opened in Las Vegas]; tennis then gave me my wife.”

He added, “tennis then gave me the time to raise my children and to live with them, and then it wasn’t lost on me. … It no longer only came with a price.”

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