Is it bigger than both of us?

This email was sent to my mom, who was the nation’s Saturn Return expert. I wanted to share it with you. The text is taken directly from her material.

Hi there Nancy.

I have been reading over your info. My birthday is July 25, 1975. I am a little confused about your website. In one section, it says that my Saturn return happened Aug. 29, 2004-Sept. 6, 2004. In another section, it says that it is also happening again this coming May for 10 days. Are there 2 in one year? Can you explain this?

I went through a horrible period of sudden health problems, anxiety, and emotional despair out of nowhere during the period in Aug.-Sept. It was one of the most frightening periods of my life. I haven’t felt like my old self completely since. I never had any anxiety in my life, but it has been coming and going since then. Do you have any insight? I am really not looking forward to something similar in May.

Thanks so much for any help. i appreciate it. Take care. Talk to you soon.

I wanted to share AR’s letter with you because her questions are such good ones. Not everyone has as tough a time with their Saturn Return as poor AR. I really feel for her. But many do and it’s time to prepare for this mighty event in your life if you’re between 28-30 years old.

This was my answer.

There are usually three times when Saturn is at the exact place it was when you were born, the Saturn Return. For AR this will be:
1.August 29-September 6, 2004
2.January 13-23, 2005
3.May17-26, 2005

For some people it only happens once but that is unusual. For most people it is three different times within a period of about a year. On my site I indicate the first of the three dates because of time and space constraints. If you get a full reading from me or another astrologer, you will be given the exact three dates.

The point of Saturn Return though is this statement: “I haven’t felt like my old self completely since”.

AR will not ever be the same because Saturn Return is an initiation. Her old self is no more!

The actual transit lasts a few weeks but the effect lasts for the next 30 years … AR is being initiated into the current lifetime, into adulthood and being introduced to the issues she chose to handle in this incarnation, just like you will be if you are between 28-30.

It’s important to remember, if you’re having a hard time like AR, that the universe isn’t trying to punish you or take something away, it’s trying to wake you up … a tap on the shoulder.

AR has Saturn in Cancer and my guess is that she has some family issues she agreed to handle when she incarnated. With that much anxiety, something disturbing happened in her childhood that she forgot in order to get on with life in her twenties but now it is time to deal with them and other family issues. Sometimes children are even told to “forget this ever happened” or “This doesn’t leave the house. No one is to know.”

I don’t know about you, but I never thought we were here to suffer and feel bad. If we are going for optimal mental, emotional and physical well being, we need to get to the bottom of things like anxiety. Anxiety isn’t felt “for no reason”. There’s nothing wrong with you if you feel anxiety but there is something from your past that is needling you, so to speak. It is you trying to get you more conscious.

Sometimes it’s as “simple” as your brother locking you in the dark basement whenever your parents left so now you feel kreeped out when anyone leaves but you’re a grown up now and you aren’t supposed to be afraid of things, so you push it all down and it keeps trying to bubble up at odds times.

Sometimes it’s more complex than that, but now’s the time to find out. Let’s begin our fascinating inner journey with Saturn Return. Let’s begin our life work.

AR has Saturn in Cancer and has family issues to deal with. Those who are 28-30 starting July 17, 2005 will have Saturn in Leo and a very different bunch of issues to deal with.

Contact me if you are between 28-30 and let’s take a look at your Saturn Return.
Not all Saturn Returns are as difficult as AR’s but it is true, after Saturn ReturnFeature Articles, you will never be your old self again. Please try to understand. That’s a very good thing.


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