Harvest & Payback at the Second Saturn Return

From the writings of Nancy Fenn…

Here’s another Saturn Return story showing how the same energy can be handled differently by two different men. One man got a big reward and the other man got a painful correction at their second Saturn Return depending on decisions and actions at the first.

This is a story about two gay men. If a man is gay he should follow the path of Elton John who risked a well-established career by outing at his first Saturn Return. Certainly if someone hasn’t owned their gayness by 28, they need to do this to get on with an authentic life.

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Harvest & Payback at the Second Return

While we have come a long way in the Western world towards acceptance of gay and lesbian people, one might still risk the opprobrium and perhaps dismissal of parents, old friends, wives or ex-wives, and in Elton John’s case his whole reputation and livelihood. At his second Saturn Return (Elton turned 60 in 2007), Sir Elton and his partner had the great privilege, honor and reward of being among the first gay couples in England and Wales to “tie the knot” in a civil partnership ceremony as the UK relaxed its rules about “gay marriage”. Sir Elton John married his partner of 11 years, David Furnish, on December 21, 2005.

Elton John’s Saturn is in Leo in the 8th house. He is charged with creativity and uninhibited self-expression to work itself out in the house of sex and power. With his chart, it makes sense to Saturn that Elton risked it all to have it all.
The second example is a cautionary tale. A few years ago British Petroleum (BP)’s Edmund John Philip Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley, aka Lord Browne, approached his second Saturn Return. Unlike Elton John, Lord Browne had refused to discuss his personal life. His Saturn is in Leo like Elton John and also conjunct Pluto, so Lord Browne was working with power and sexuality issues. Lord Browne never came out but was cruelly outed at his second Saturn Return apparently through the extortion of a young “escort” he met on a gay website. He later lied in court about the matter.


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