Second Saturn Return

When is the Second Saturn Return?

So you find yourself approaching 60! Well, it’s time for your Second Saturn Return.

The Second Saturn Return is a very critical and interesting time. If there is any transit in astrology that deserves the serious full attention of an experienced astrologer it is this one.

The first thing to do is look back on your first Saturn Return. This occurred when you were 28-30 years old. Identify the main issues and reflect on events that took place near that time.

If you took action, chances are you will be building on the outworkings of that decision successfully in the second Return.

If, on the other hand, you failed to seize the opportunity, you will be getting another chance in some subtle way that you will have to recognize during your second Saturn Return. Making analogies and comparison like this is an important part of developing intuition and being guided by metaphysical principles.

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Second Saturn Return

Preventing Stress from the Second Saturn Return

If you didn’t act during the first Return, taking action during the second is going to be difficult. It will be very stressful at an age when one is more vulnerable physically. But failure to take action at the second Saturn Return can, I’m sorry to say, result in such stress that serious health problems ensue.

As you look around at our cohorts, you may see some of your classmates and friends falling by the wayside. The assumption would be that their lives in some way failed to become authentic. And the stress of living a lie becomes too much for them or perhaps they feel complete. The best book on this subject is The Challenge of Fate by Thorwald Dethlefson.

The task at hand is to reach for what is real and meaningful, no matter what it costs you in terms of change and disruption, if you did not do this back when you were approaching 30.

On the other hand, if you made some valid choices at your first Saturn Return, despite the pressure and stress, review them. Examine where the path you chose has taken you. Then you will see how to “build out” on that. If you were generally successful at navigating the first Return, the second one is relatively easy. It is about giving back from that harvest.

The second Saturn Return is just as important as the first but the penalty for ignoring it is even stronger.

One of the ways astrology is so helpful is that it helps you lift out the important “data” from the complex events going on in your life at the time of your second Return so you know what it is you’re looking for in terms of meaningfulness and significance to the whole life path.

The second Saturn Return is one of those times when the paths we take in life loom very large… the paths we take and the paths not taken.

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