The Saturn Return’s Effect on Celebrities

saturn return celebrities

“At twenty-nine I have exhausted everything. I need to be alone. I am tired of grandeur; all my feelings have dried up. I no longer care about my glory.” For the Saturn Return, celebrities handle the effects differently.

Do you feel this way? It might surprise you to know you are not alone.

These words were spoken by Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest generals in history, a military genius who went on to conquer Europe, found and Empire, and who was eventually defeated by the Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo. At the time Napoleon wrote these words, he was especially discouraged over his love affair with Josephine, whom he continued to love but not in the same way ever again. Napoleon Bonaparte was 29. He was experiencing his first Saturn Return.

Let’s see what happened to some other famous people during their first Saturn Return.

  • ECKART TOLLE, author of “The Power of Now” had a conversion experience at 30 and began his life as a spiritual teacher.
  • GWYNETH PALTROW’S father died just as she was starting work on the film about Sylvia Plath’s life and suicide. After, she decided to take at least a year off, saying, ‘I worked so much in my 20s, and I really burned the candle at both ends and I wasn’t too picky about what I did. I think the combination of losing my father, turning 30, taking a year off has completely shifted everything.'” Paltrow recently became a mother.
  • Just turning 30, WINSTON CHURCHILL followed his father’s footsteps, crossing the floor of Parliament to the liberals over Tariff Reform, an event which would have lasting repercussions in his life.
  • FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE did the unheard of at 30. She left for the Crimean War, beginning one of the most influential lives of the early 20th century.
  • At 28 NICOLE KIDMAN began to make it into the big time on her own in films, moving out of the shadow of her husband, Tom Cruise. Perhaps this was the beginning of the end of the marriage a few years later.
  • STANLEY KUBRICK, turning 30, made his first major studio film, the powerful antiwar movie “Paths of Glory” starring Kirk Douglas.
  • At 30 MARILYN MONROE filmed “Bus Stop”, met Lee Strasberg and Arthur Miller and married Arthur Miller within the year.
  • JOHN FORBES NASH, JR. (“A Beautiful Mind”) married, had a child and experienced the onset of his mental illness at about 30.
  • At 31, PRINCESS DIANA got her formal separation from Charles. The damaging book “Diana: Her True Story” by Andrew Morton came out the year before, revealing that the princess suffered bouts of depression and bulimia, even attempting suicide.
  • ORENTHAL J. SIMPSON ended his career with the Buffalo Bills (1969-77), going briefly to the San Francisco 49ers for two years after that.
  • BEETHOVEN was aware of his impending deafness when he released his first symphony in 1800, at the age of 30. His deafness was the onset of syphilis, so it had impact on many levels, leading to an enforced sublimation of his sexual needs.
  • ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER met his wife Maria Shriver at a tennis tournament when he was 30; they married two years later. 30 years later, preparing for his second Saturn Return, Schwarzenegger was elected governor and apologized for his womanizing through the years.
  • At 30, LEO TOLSTOY ended a life of gambling, fornicating and murder (his own words) to start a peasants’ school on his estate. This is the man whose book The Kingdom of God Is Within You influenced Gandhi to begin his passive resistance movement. Tolstoy also tried at this time to give his serfs their freedom and to give away his land to them but they are suspicious and refuse. 30 years later at his second Saturn Return, Tolstoy tried to will his estate and property to his serfs but his wife and children revolted.
  • Between the ages of 27-32 OSAMA BIN LADEN began spending more time in Afghanistan than Saudi Arabia. He would spend a total of eight months a year or more in Afghanistan. [Afghanistan is where he found the personal and material resources for Al Quaeda]
  • World War I ended and ADOLF HITLER turned 30. Having no where else to go, he returned to Munich and joined the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP). Two years later he was elected party chairman or “Fuehrer”.
  • ROY HORN (Siegfried & Roy) was mauled by Montecore, one of his white tigers, on his 59th birthday. If you know anything about Horn, this was like being attacked by a child or family member.
  • FREDERICK ENGELS was 28 and Carl Marx 30 when they published The Communist Manifesto
  • ANGELINA JOLIE had the Mother of all Saturn Returns. She met and married Brad Pitt and added three family members in two years.
  • VATSLAV NIJINSKY was one of the greatest ballet dances that ever lived. He was involved in a homosexual affair with Sergei Diaghilev, a wealthy St. Petersburg patron of the arts. At 29 Nijinsky broke off the affair, married an older womam and had a nervous breakdown effectively ending his career. He spent the rest of his life in and out of psychiatric hospitals and asylums. During the six weeks he spent in Switzerland before being committed to the asylum, Nijinsky wrote in his diary of the importance of feeling as opposed to reliance on reason and logic alone.

You can see that the Saturn Return issues in a whole new way of life. It is the threshold we cross over to begin our real life’s work – the work we will pursue between 30 and 60.

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